Our Mission:

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It can be difficult to know what to do when your child is diagnosed with autism. Our mission is to make that process easier for Alaskan families.


Our Mission

Families every day may lack understanding of what their child is going through or how to best provide for their special needs child. As an organization, Autism Alaska aims to aid families in the State of Alaska, helping them find what they and their children affected by autism need to thrive.

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What to Look For

While Autism Alaska is not a medical organization, there are key indicators and common factors to look for if you believe your child may affected by autism. We can help with that, as well as helping you find routes to financial assistance if you believe your child is.


Have a diagnosis and need more information about where to go next? Our resources page has links to key websites and organizations that can help you and your family take steps in the right direction, from treatment to self care and beyond.

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Key Information

Want to learn more about everything that comes with having a special needs child? The resources below can help you navigate the experience of having children affected by autism, and to answer key questions you may have about the developmental disorder.


Common Factors

What are the common factors amongst children affected by autism, and the things you’ll typically see?

frequently asked questions

What are the questions parents of affected children and those dealing with the disorder most commonly ask?

Glossary of terms

Are you dealing with the disorder for the first time? Our Glossary can help you understand what you’re learning about.


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